Monday, 14 July 2008

First orders

I recently put a sign in the window of the cafe: to convince myself, as much as trying to attract the interest of passers by.

I’m at the site nearly every day for one reason or another - getting quotes, delivering equipment and packing up old equipment. Since putting up the sign, I’ve attracted a couple of curious pedestrians who want to know what will be on the menu. Yesterday I met Veronica, a forty year resident of Charlotte Place, who gave me her tip for success. Fried eggs. She tells me there isn’t anywhere in the local area where you can get a simple serving of fried eggs on toast.

People have very strong opinions on what makes a good breakfast and are often giving me suggestions. My friend Suzi emailed me the other day to tell me about the fantastic french toast she'd had at a new cafe in Northcote, Melbourne: “slices of white sourdough lightly fried in the egg and served with little bowls of yoghurt, maple syrup and fresh strawberries on the side, all with cinnamon shaken over the top (key ingredient)!” Another friend, Anna, who is living in Ecuador, sent me the recipes for a couple of local breakfast staples including “chocolate Bogotano” - a hot chocolate drink made with cinnamon and mozzarella cheese, and "chicha" a traditional inca drink made with oats and naranjillas.

I have more of a savoury tooth but can’t do eggs first thing so my dining out breakfast standard is mushrooms sauteed in lots of butter, garlic and herbs, served on toast.

While I’m not promising it will appear on the menu, I’d be interested to know, what gets you out of bed in the morning?


Gen Y MMVer said...

There are too many good breakfast foods, I don't know where to begin!

BUT good juice is always a must. There's this organic pomegrante juice that they sell here, and it's SO good. Tastes kinda like ribena, but 100% fruity goodness and no nasties =). Also Sweetheart Cafe in Sth Melb have this awesome pink grapefruit juice. It's got *just* the right amount of tang...really wakes you up!

Keep up the good work Shels, I look forward to reading about the opening =)

Leo Ryan said...

Freshly squeezed juice - a staple in New York on every second corner and brilliantly supplied at Sedjuiced at Bronte Beach in Sydney - seems to be a shortage here.

The Duckster said...

A really good, strong flat white gets me out of bed after which I can start to focus on the menu... love a good bircher museli with fresh fruits (aka Rosamund), baked eggs are a fave too. Go well Shelgah !

Anonymous said...

a good stiff vodka usally does the trick

Rish said...

If I'm really lucky, eggs benedict.

But I'm never that lucky. Sigh.

Miss S said...

Has to be a poached egg, every time. Yesterday's serving of wild mushrooms on brioche topped with a perfect poached egg at Soho Hotel was a real scrummy treat!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - savoury over sweet for breakfast. I think it sets you up better for the day. And good bread/toast. Pieces of floppy white packet bread, burnt or served cold is not how i want to start my day, but seems to be considered perfectly acceptable in most London establishments.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Miss S, it has to be poached eggs. As an "on my way to work" curious passer by I fell for your window sign. Your builders are getting stuck in.

Shelagh Ryan said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on our progress. Poached eggs seem to be the hot favourite.