Thursday, 31 July 2008

Can he fix it?

Demolition has begun....

Putting some truly horrendous decorative features out of their misery. R.I.P.

Enter Bob the builder (well Rob really).

All smiles as the building contract's signed at the architect's office (Rob's the more robust chap on the left).

Estimated opening date - 6 weeks from today.


Michelle from Deck of Secrets said...

Hi there, I'm heading to London from Melbourne around the time you open. Part of my mission is to explore brunch options in London. Please let me know your contact details so I can visit. Good luck.

Shelagh Ryan said...

Hi Michelle, You don't know an English guy called Ian who is a journalist for The Age? He tried to put us in contact before I left Melbourne. Strange. I'd love to meet up when you are here. The address is 13 Charlotte Place W1T1SN. What date will you be here? In case we aren't open in time email me on

"scrambling eggs"