Sunday, 20 June 2010

Onwards and Outwards

A couple of months ago one of our customers came to me with a worried look and asked “Do you know who is taking the shop next door?”

“We are.” I replied

“Oh that’s a relief”, he said. “When I saw the wood battening going on the front I thought someone was ripping you off”.

We’ve had our eye on 14 Charlotte Place, the shop beside Lantana, since the beginning as it was also for lease when we were looking for a site. At the time it seemed a bit ambitious to take on two sites so we moved into 13 Charlotte Place and watched next door with interest as others went in….

and out again.

When we heard it was back on the market late last year it seemed fated that we should take it as Lantana had become slightly chaotic at busy times with staff, eat in and takeaway customers bumping into each other as they tried to navigate a small narrow cafe. Here was an opportunity to create two separate spaces for eat in and takeaway customers and let everyone breathe more easily.

Taking our cue from the Naval and Military Club (known as The In and Out Club) which had lettering on the gate posts of its old home on Piccadilly to guide London cabbies in and out of the club driveway,

we’ve sign posted Lantana to guide customers in and out of the two parts of the cafe.

The entry for customers who want to dine in (or outside)

The entry for customers taking out their coffee, cakes, salads, tarts, sandwiches

And for those who can't decide whether they're an innie or an outtie, there's even a spot where you can stop and have a think about it.

Thanks to Etienne (Lantana customer) and Suzi (Lantana waitress) for many of the photos (the good ones) on this blog post.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


The city that opens its arms

and never closes them.