Sunday, 26 February 2012

Can I hang your coat?

Duck Soup, Soho
I miss not paying attention to details in restaurants like coat hooks, napkins, and light fittings because right now I find it hard to actually focus on the food on my plate when I’m eating out. It’s like when you’ve been shopping for shoes, all you notice is what people are wearing on their feet. 

With the construction of café number two well underway I’m consumed once more by the myriad of choices I need to make, from the positioning of power sockets to bowls for serving muesli.  It’s a sobering thought to think that every single item in a restaurant has involved a person making such decisions.

Mishkins, Covent Garden
Mouse and DeLotz, Dalston
Corner Room, Bethnal Green
Duck Soup

So next time you eat out, pay the restauranteur the courtesy of at least noticing the toilet roll holder 

Duck Soup
and the stand where you put your umbrella.

They spent considerable time flicking through supplier catalogues, wasted hours on ebay and traipsed through antique markets at ungodly hours of the morning. I’m guessing.