Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Dock. The new weed in town.

With eyes like her mother 

and a smile like her daddy, 

there's no mistaking Ruby Dock’s pedigree. She’s the love child of Salvation Jane and Lantana.

Like her parents, she's named after a beautiful flowering plant which was introduced into Australia where it thrived to such an extent that it out competed the native flora and is now regarded as an invasive weed.  Ruby Dock, which is native to the desert areas of North Africa and India, was thought to have been introduced into Australia with camels in the 19th century as part of colonisation. It’s seeds are wind and water dispersed and it is commonly found along watercourses. 

Now Ruby Dock has blown into Camden and put down roots by the canal where it has already won fans who are delighted to find shady respite from the noise and congestion of the market.

But blink and you'll miss her as she's a pop up: in this location for 12 months only. During the day she’s serving up delicious breakfasts and lunches and of course, coffee and cakes, and when night falls and the tourists disappear, its wine, beer, cocktails and on trend hot dogs.

So come up and visit the new weed in Camden town.

44-45 Camden Lock Place
Middle Yard
Camden Lock Market
Chalk Farm Rd
NW1 8AF       
Opening Times: 
Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 5pm
Wednesday to Friday 8am to late
Saturday 9am to late
Sunday 9am to 5pm.


shop vouchers said...

Tks for your sharing!

Cedric said...


Anonymous said...

that is epic

Anonymous said...


Gourmesso capsules said...

This place looks aboslutely charming! Checking it out in the weekend seems like a must now. Thanks for posting!

Yumbles said...

Looks great, will try it. Thanks for sharing!

Jo said...

Oh wow, those cakes look divine, I could really go for one of those right now with a cuppa!

Michael Smith said...

They have plenty of equipment so I've never had to wait to get on the water. Again, great, fast service! Ryan of BestiPadDocksReview.com

Mark Danby said...

Looks good

Mark Danby said...

Looks Good

Lunch Delivery Hertfordshire said...

This looks great, character, cuteness and trendy location all help :) - we Hertfordshire based cafe and sandwich shop owners find you very aspirational!

David@ Sandwich Buffet Company

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harun said...

Wooww the cakes look like divine.

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