Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's for real

“Are these all real people?” Geoff asked suspiciously as he arrived for his shift at 11.30 on Saturday morning. So far its been mainly friends and family coming to Lantana but on Saturday morning the café was nearly full of people that none of us knew. It was brilliant - especially considering that we were worried that Saturdays would be quiet without all the office workers around.

The locals came to try us out and, at the risk of this blog becoming a shameless PR tool, the feedback was incredibly positive. “Best breakfast I’ve ever eaten by a country mile”, was one customer’s verdict and the plates I took down to the kitchen were virtually licked clean.

I didn’t want scare off the customers by photographing them so I took some of the food on our counter instead.



OK there were still a few family members lurking around.

The word is also starting to spread about our coffee which might have something to do with the fact that Lantana has become the latest hangout for the coffee super couple


Anonymous said...

I was there and I thought it was brilliant.

bringmebeer said...

Wahoo this place looks great - Flat White is just a little bit too far from my office, so you guys are a God send!

Helen said...

Just spent five minutes trying to work out where I know your place from and then realised - do you have Pete from This Edible Life working there?

Shelagh Ryan said...

We do indeed. The world of flood blogging seems to be a small one.

Shelagh Ryan said...

Much smaller than the world of food blogging