Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Naming rights

Call me egotistical but I always assumed that if I went to all this effort in setting up a café, I’d be rewarded with naming rights as were Gustave Eiffel, Conrad Hilton and Donald Trump.

My business partners, however, had other ideas which is just as well as some other shelia with a sandwich bar beat me to it.

Instead, we are naming the café Lantana, a hardy, invasive, but beautiful weed that was introduced into Australia and has taken hold, becoming an iconic Australian plant - a “weed of national significance”.

The awning is up to announce that Lantana is now on British soil, ready to only a few days time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shelagh
Just catching up on your blog after some weeks -- wanting to clear my head of IP issues -- my current work reading.
How exciting to see Lantana (great name by the way) taking solid shape. Look forward to reading all about the opening. And hope to (in the not too distant future) partake of coffee there -- what joy to look forward to good coffee in London!!
Good luck with all the hard work and enjoy the opening.
Best wishes

j. said...

love the name (and the font!)
all your melbournite fans look forward to having a virtual coffee when you're open! good luck! x j