Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rodeo Mike

Hi there! My name’s Mike and I work at Lantana. If you pop down to Lantana this month you will recognise me as the one grooming my very own charity Mo for Movember, in support of Prostate cancer and Testicular cancer. So far it is going well and a bushy tash is forming beautifully, if not very gingerly!

Lantana has kindly offered to match whatever I raise, just because they are that nice, so donations are very welcome. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause visit my site. Better yet, come down to Lantana and check out my Mo for yourself and donate in person. Any amount is a generous one.

See you soon :{)

PS- Let's hope Mike has better success than the LanMowers who last year only managed to raise £70.41 and brought great shame and embarasment to us all, but mostly to themselves. S x  


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey there guys, Movember was a huge success. A massive thanks to everyone for their support and donations. After my last check I had raised £425, not bad for a hairy top lip. You can check out just how hairy over on (use my mospace link from previous post, for some reason it won't let me put it in!). It was great to see just how many Lantana customers got invloved and supported Movember, you're all legends.

Thanks again, see you guys down Lantana in the New Year.


Abarshini said...

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