Sunday, 21 March 2010

Frequently asked questions #3: When is Lantana expanding?

Gardening Australia Fact Sheet

Weed Alert: Lantana
Given the right conditions, it spreads quickly. Lantana is a lalopathic, releasing chemicals into the surrounding soil to prevent seed germination, notably of the native flora, so that it eventually takes over native bushland.

Like its floral namesake, an Australian weed of national significance, Lantana Café is showing signs of an invasive spread in Charlotte Place, London.

Watch this soil…


LondonRob said...

I wondered what was going to happen to the Viet Baguette site... :)

Fat Les said...

Oh hi Shelagh, I'm most definitely expanding and good to see the good weed likewise. I need to pop by soon.

Shelagh Ryan said...

Hey Les- Long time no review. I thought you'd disappeared off the blogoshere. Hope to see you soon. S

Jo said...

Hi Shelagh, I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I finally made it down to Lantana for brunch today. It was nothing short of amazing...I just had to blog all about it
I hope to be back really soon!