Wednesday, 3 June 2009

In Vogue

While some women may secretly fantasise about having their face on the cover of Vogue

I've always dreamed about having a cafe in Australia’s Vogue Entertaining and Travel.

Go on and pinch me because if I'm not dreaming that's Lantana striking a pose in the June/July 2009 edition of VE&T*.

*If you don't have a sister in Australia to post you a copy (thanks Helly) you can buy VE&T from some newsagents in London that specialise in international publications, like Rococo in Nottinghill.


Siany said...

Well done! It's nice to know I'm a weary media type...

Anonymous said...

Well done Shelagh. We are planning to drop in late Sept/early Oct for some good downunder espresso in London!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Very exciting. And happy birthday for earlier this week!

Anonymous said...

Yay Shels! You are a media star! Happy birthday to you too! x j

Anonymous said...

To all bods at Lantana,

You have been hunted by The Cafe Hunter!

Please see your review below:

Keep up the good work!

"Forever seeking Coffee"

Finding and reviewing the best places to drink coffee in the UK and beyond

Anonymous said...

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