Saturday, 19 January 2008

Christmas crack

I have a theory about christmas and the tendancy to over indulge. Because most of the food we associate with christmas only makes an appearance once a year, our primal instincts kick in and we make sure that our bodies store enough mince pies, turkey, christmas pudding and brandy butter to see us through the next 11 months of the year. Easter and hot cross buns provide only a brief respite for anglos and our 'one trick pony' culinary calendar. Oh to be Jewish, Greek or Indian and spend the year celebrating events with food.

Usually I spend christmas in sweltering heat in Queensland so this year it was nice to be able to indulge in a hot Christmas lunch with a fire, turkey, roast veg and all the trimmings.

The highlight of the feast was an incredibly juicy, tasty glazed gamon.

All digested over a post lunch walk.

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